Calc art archive

Since I made my sona back in November 2020, I've gotten a lot of art of Calc, and I mean...a lot of art. Sadly, I've lost a lot of it to time, and even more has lost credits/context, or have been compressed/turned into emojis. I'm making this list to try and preserve what I can.

A couple of notes:


My current ref sheet


This is the first ever art of Calc I got!



Comic dub by Luke Correia:






Posting the sketch because it's in an entirely different medium













comrade swirly#0001










Video is a demo of an osu! stink featuring calc as pippidon which is releasing soon














well well well#2873 (changes Discord tags a lot, no other socials)




@Skipper_the_fox (deactivated)

@CroftersSimp (deactivated)

@fennykinz(? tag doesn't seem to be right)


Edits of @JustAtlas_ by Starms#0860

Edit of @therealsquiddo, no credits

No credits